The Anaheim Community Pride Poster Contest

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  • Due Date: March 13, 2015
  • Entries must be submitted through your school, one checklist and cover letter per school.
  • If you need more 11×17 posters please email

About the Contest

Anaheim Beautiful is proud to present the 2nd Annual Anaheim Community Pride Poster Contest. The contest is presented by the City of Anaheim Department of Public Works, Code Enforcement Division and Republic Services in partnership with the elementary school districts in the City of Anaheim. Community Pride is a contest offered to all public schools in Anaheim for students 1st through 6th grade. Our mission is to promote and bring awareness to anti-littering, anti-graffiti and recycling.

Contest Overview

The Community Pride Poster Contest is available for all Anaheim elementary public schools. Students in grades 1st through 6th are invited to create a poster conveying one of the following Community Pride themes:

Recycling • Graffiti-Free • Litter-Free

First-place winners, per grade level, from each participating school will move on to the next phase of the contest for a district-wide competition. Finalists from the districts will move on to the final stage and compete at a City level. Anaheim Community Pride Contest City level winners, per grade, will be announced during Earth Week.

Poster Guidelines: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th per grade, Poster Contest!

  • Eligibility: Students must be in grades 1st through 6th and attend an Anaheim elementary public school for participation.
  • Rules: One entry per student. Please use the back of the 11” x 17” white, biodegradable poster paper for your design, which will be provided to you through your school. Designs may be made using crayons, colored pencils, pencils, pens, markers, and/or watercolors. The artwork must relate to one of the Community Pride themes: Recycling, Graffiti-Free and/or Litter-Free. Artwork may be drawn horizontally or vertically.
  • Content: Written messages are allowed on the poster, but should be brief and in good taste. Words must be spelled correctly. All entries must be original artwork created by the student; parents and teachers should only assist with spelling and punctuation. Traced, trademarked, or copyrighted characters are NOT allowed.
  • DEADLINE March 13, 2015
  • Judging: Posters are scored per grade level and are based on creativity, originality, and expression of the Community Pride themes: Recycling • Graffiti-Free • Litter-Free
  • Prizes: All participants will receive a Community Pride Wristband.

School Level–1st, 2nd & 3rd Place (per grade level)–Certificate Award

District Level–1st, 2nd & 3rd Place (per grade level)–Ribbon and Community Pride Hat

City Level–1st Place (per grade level)–Plaque and (4) Disneyland Passes

  • Recognition: All 1st Place City winners will receive an award and be recognized in the Summer Recycle Anaheim newsletter and also at the April City Council Meeting.

Republic Services – Extra-Curricular Activities

During the months of February, March, April and May Republic’s Recycling Coordinator will offer 45 minute Blue Planet Presentations. Please, contact Lisa Robles to schedule a classroom presentation at 714.238.3348 or


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